May 02

Happy May!

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May is here which means it’s almost gardening time! I enjoy gardening but am quite new at it, I learned a lot last year so I am looking forward to getting some new flowers and plants that i know will do well in my yard. As long as the dogs don’t trample them that is! I’ve been pulling weeds and getting stuff prepped so when I come back from vacation, I can get planting : )

And I leave in 2 DAYS for my cruise!! I can’t express enough how much I NEED this vacation! You guys know from my blog and twitter how difficult this year has been for me so far, it’s literally been the most challenging and trying time of my life. So the fact that I get to get away from it all for a week is pure bliss to me! Which means my next blog will be full of pics from the Caribbean and of course some bikini pics too : ) All the photos will be in the members area of the website so you don’t want to miss that! I’m telling you, I don’t care about anything…the weather, the food, nothing but resting and relaxing and just taking time to breathe. So I know already that it’s going to be a great trip!

I’m feeling better and back in the gym full swing this week…whew it’s hard when you miss! But I’m gritting my teeth and reaching down deep, I don’t give up and I certainly don’t wimp out. I’m a tough chick in every sense of the word and I’m proving that to myself more and more. I love being physically strong, it gives me a high like nothing else can. When I return from the cruise, I want to refocus on building more upper body strength.

I’m leaving you with some photos…some candids of me and some from recent site updates. And make sure to play with me on  XOXOXOXO

Apr 26

Sick of Being Sick!

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Ugh. So for the past few weeks I haven’t felt well. It’s been on and off, I have the flu and just haven’t let myself rest enough to fully recover. Sigh. Since I am leaving for my cruise next week, I am following the doctors orders and resting up. No gym for a few days and that kills me! I’ve been downing Advil to mask the body aches and working out like usual but I think I need to chill out for a few days. I’ve been way sicker in my life which is why it’s so hard for me to behave myself and get some rest but hey, I want to enjoy that cruise to it’s fullest potential! I literally rested all day yesterday except for my trip to the doctor, no photo editing, nada. TV and sleep. I feel better today but not back to normal and it’s tempting to go to the gym but I’m going to be a good girl. I just hate the feeling of being gone from the gym and then coming back and feeling the effects of missing workouts. I hate having to build everything back up. But I guess this is what they call life, you can’t plan everything. Things are going to happen and it’s more about how you bounce back after being down and out. I know for a fact that this will not be a downward spiral into becoming a couch potato. I will get back on track and be off my game for a couple of weeks but then I’ll be right where I was and continue from there. I also plan to workout on my vacation…in the past when I go somewhere I always bring my workout gear and it sits in my suitcase (except when I’m in Vegas with Brianna, she keeps me motivated! ). But this time will be different! I don’t plan on being as hardcore as I normally am but I have to get some activity in, especially after missing the gym lately.

Anyway, enough about that! Really looking forward to a proper vacation! As you guys know, I go to the lake house quite a bit in the summer but there’s always family around and to me, it’s not a real vacation. Hahaha I think you all know what I mean. So this will be nice : ) Gonna miss the dogs though! But also looking forward to sleeping in since I won’t have to be up so early to feed them. Everyone needs a break from real life once and awhile!

Haven’t been on webcam as much lately and I apologize for that. I miss it! I love interacting with my fans! But if I’m not on, there’s always tons of hot girls to have fun with!

I’m going to leave you with a couple of pics from a recent site update! Love you! XOXO

Apr 09

Just Saying Hi

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It’s been a few weeks since my last blog and it only feels like it’s been a few days! Where is the time going lately? I seriously have no idea! It’s crazy how fast the days are passing. I guess that’s what happens when you’re insanely busy.

When I last wrote, my mom had just came home from the hospital. I am very pleased to report that she is doing very well and the doctors are all extremely pleased with her progress : ) I am so thankful, I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s been a very tough winter for me and with spring here, I feel a huge breath of fresh air and a new beginning so to speak! My mom still needs a lot of help but she’s improving every week and it’s amazing to see how strong and resilient she is. I hope I am cut from the same mold when it comes to toughness!

I’ve been trying to get back into my normal routine and it’s a relief but it’s also a little more difficult than I anticipated. I don’t know why but now that I have more time on my hands, I almost don’t know what to do! It’s like I don’t have to rush around constantly like a chicken with their head cut off and I almost forgot what it felt like to be able to turn on the TV and just veg out for a couple of hours.. I almost feel guilty doing it! But I know I can take a step back from my family and relax a little bit and it will get easier with time. I love my family but I’ve spent far too much time around them in the past few months! We all know how family can bring out the best..and worst…in us. So I am keeping up with my gym schedule which has been my saving grace. Last week I wasn’t feeling 100% so I backed off a bit but I am back in the game as of today and ready for new challenges. I never knew just how beneficial exercise is to the human body…obviously in a physical way but also in a mental and emotional way. I truly believe that my dedication to fitness and healthy eating has kept me healthy during all of the stress and sleepless nights this winter. Every I knew was getting sick left and right and I remained healthy : )

Haven’t been shooting lately but that’s gotta change soon! I miss it! Here are some photos from recent site updates…this week’s a g/g/g orgy with myself, Brianna and Vanilla DeVille! Don’t miss it!

Have a great week!



Mar 20

Things are Looking UP!

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The big news…my mom came home from the hospital yesterday!!! After 70 days, she’s finally home!! I can’t express how relieved, happy and overwhelmed with emotions I am! Things are going to be very different for her and for my family, she has some limitations and is on a portable life support device called an LVAD. It’s a pump inside of her that pumps her heart since it doesn’t work properly. read my past blog entries to learn more if you want : ) But a couple of months ago I wasn’t sure if I would still have a mom so you can imagine how elated I am that she’s alive!!

I will still have to help her and my family quite a bit but the days at the hospital are over. I am still trying to get used to the idea that I don’t have to go there every day! I am starting to get my life back and it feels amazing! I started by having the entire house cleaned top to bottom…it was pretty dirty and messy but now it’s immaculate and what a refreshing feeling!! I tried to keep up with some of the house work but it was near impossible with all of thing other things that I had to do while my mom was in the hospital. What a relief!

Also, I am going on a Caribbean cruise in May! SO excited for that! I can’t wait to lounge by the pool, sip tropical drinks and rest on the beach. Oh and snorkel and stuff too! So finally things are looking up for me and it’s about time, there’s only so much shit you can take at once!

Here are some pics from recent web site updates, hope you enjoy!!! XOXO

Feb 28

A Very Full Plate

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Hi everyone! Hope things are going well for all of you so far in 2012! I can’t believe it’s practically March! It seems like it was just Christmas to me!

I’m already prepping for summer! The weather has been so mild in Michigan this winter so it’s easy to think about the warm weather since it really is right around the corner. We barely had any snow this year, but we still could get some so I don’t want to speak too soon. We got about 4-5 inches last week but it didn’t stick around. Normally I enjoy some snow during the winter but with my mom being in the hospital and having to drive there every day, it’s been nice having the roads clear. Here’s a sexy bikini shot from last week’s photo set on! Makes you want to go swimming doesn’t it? ; )

So since summer is right around the corner, I’ve kicked it up a notch in the gym and with my eating habits. I’ve always tried to eat clean, which means eating as little of processed foods as you can, no white flour, sugar or lots of foods with preservatives and man made stuff in them. But it wasn’t until recently that I really took the plunge. Quite a bit of my diet was clean but I made some tweaks and boy, have I noticed a difference! More energy and I can eat more and still lose weight. An example of what I eat: breakfast is oatmeal with almond milk, berries and flaxseeds, snack is an apple while I am at the gym, lunch is home made veggie chili or some kind of soup with salad with oil and vinegar, snack is nuts and fruit or veggies and hummus, and dinner really varies quite a bit. Maybe tofu and veggie stir fry with quinoa or brown rice, maybe a grilled chicken salad with tons of veggies.I make sure to eat every few hours. I still have treats and things that aren’t considered clean, I refuse to be obsessive, but it’s amazing how when you eat like this you don’t want junk food. I’m loving it! I also have hardly had any alcoholic beverages. I don’t seem to want them. Which is weird for me, considering the stress I have been under. I think I am turning to fitness and the gym as my outlet for stress which is great, much healthier than things I have done in the past. I’ve managed to work out an hour or two per day, 6 days a week, sometimes 7. Only 7 if one day is yoga or something light. I don’t want to over train and get sick or injured. I’ve noticed big changes in my body, the biggest being my ass! It’s rounder and sticks out more! Yay!

I titled this entry a very full plate because that’s what I have right now. It’s overloaded! Every day I wake up and take care of my dogs, make my coffee and oatmeal and do some photo shopping or video editing before I hit the gym for my 8 or 9 o’clock class. I’m at the gym anywhere for an hour to two hours. I come home, shower and eat lunch, walk the dogs and head to the hospital. I stay there as long as my schedule will allow for that day. Then I head out and do errands, like grocery shop etc. I come home and get ready to go do webcam for a bit before I break to feed the dogs and make my own dinner. I eat, take a few minutes to chill, then go back on webcam. Depending on how much I make, I stay on or I stop early to finish more photo shopping or editing. Then I can finally go to bed. That doesn’t factor in stuff like clean, laundry, any appointments, etc. It’s been crazy. I’ve been doing ok, but it’s tough sometimes and it’s getting to me. I am so ready for a vacation! And I don’t see me being able to have one for awhile. My mom is going to need tons of help and so is my dad so I really am going to need to be available quite a bit when she comes home. We are not sure when that will be, she is hopefully moving to the rehab floor tomorrow : ) I want to thank everyone for all of the support and kind words during this difficult time. It really means a lot to me!

Those two pictures are from this week’s gallery Fuzzy Sweater : ) And next week is a sexy G/G gallery and video with the amazing Taylor Vixen! Lots of hot stuff on the way guys!

Time for me to call it a night! Sweet dreams!



Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day!!

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It’s Valentines Day, a holiday that I don’t really get into. I think it’s too commerical. But it’s nice to acknowledge it in some way. I’ve never been one of those girls who has to have candy and roses and dinner. To me, when you love someone you should take the time to show them every single day, not just on Valentines Day. Always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them! That’s the best gift of all : ) I did a sexy Valentines themed shoot with the amazing Kelly Divine…there was a lollipop and flavored massage oil involved! Talk about how to treat a girl right, LOL! You can see the rest of this photo set and the matching video on!

Since my last  blog, I’ve still been spending lots of time with my mom at the hospital. Just a couple of days ago they transferred her out of the ICU, she spent 30 days in there! Now she’s in a normal room and isn’t hooked up to any tubes at all! I am so pleased with her progress. She’s been doing physical therapy and leaning how to stand and walk again which s really difficult for her. I can’t even imagine that and I hope it’s something I never have to experience. It’s been tough, to say the least, but I am really trying to focus on the positive and keep myself healthy. Last week I worked out really hard, which is pretty much the only thing that helps me clear my mind. Since mid November I’ve lost 10 pounds and lost 4.5% body fat which means I lost almost all fat! I’m really proud of myself and can see the results. Been doing a lot of weight training and that’s made a huge difference.

Yesterday I cut my hair! I needed a change! I like it, what do you think?

Ok, time to go feed the dogs and walk them! Have a fabulous week everyone! XOXXOXO

Feb 03

February is American Heart Month and today is Wear Red Day! Heart disease is the number one killer of women, many more women die from heart disease than they do of all cancers combined. The fact that my mom is fighting her own battle with heart disease right now is making me want to spread awareness and help others know the dangers. Women often have different heart attack symptoms than men so its important to pay attention to your body. To learn more, please visit

An update on my mom: Wednesday she had a major surgery, she had an LVAD pump installed in her chest. LVAD stands for Left Ventricle Assistance Device and it’s basically a pump that works for the left side of her heart which doesn’t function on it’s own due to damage from her massive heart attack. They showed it to us before the surgery and it really looks like a piece of plumbing for a kitchen sink!

The tube comes out of her body and connects to a control panel which she will wear attached to a fanny pack type thing. It’s basically a portable life support. The surgery had some complications and it lasted 11 hours. But she came out of it fine and the pump was functioning beautifully. Yesterday we learned that she was bleeding much more than expected and had been losing a lot of blood. About 20 oz per hour. Not good. They had to go back in and find the source of her bleeding which they informed us was not a sure thing that they could do. Luckily, they found it and stopped it! I swear, my mom is like a cat with nine lives or something…she keeps defying the odds and it’s quite something! Needless to say, this week has been exhausting and draining for me and my family. Actually, the past 23 days have been this way! Today I slept in and have been chilling out and trying to recover a bit. I am going to my Zumba class tonight and everyone has promised to wear red : )

The ultimate goal for my mom is a heart transplant. But we don’t know when and if that will ever happen. I am just focusing on getting her home with the LVAD, everyone who is close to her has to go through a special training course and learn how to work the controller and how to troubleshoot if something malfunctions. It’s a serious thing but I am SO glad to have her alive. She’ll be able to live a normal life with the LVAD, she can go places, travel on planes, jog, etc. She just can’t swim or drive or vacuum, haha I don’t think she’ll care about not being able to vacuum again : )

Thanks to all who have been offering support and prayers for my family. I truly love my fans and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Jan 25

What Really Matters In Life

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Last time I blogged, I was getting ready to go to Vegas. I went, but was on a plane back home to Michigan just a couple of days after I arrived. My mother had a massive heart attack and underwent a quadruple bypass. She was in the ICU and was not doing well. It’s a long story but they also discovered she had advanced heart disease..she smokes, it runs in our family, and she hasn’t been the best at taking care of herself or eating right. One side of her heart wasn’t functioning at all so they had to put her on a heart pump to keep her alive. I knew some of this while in flight but not the entire story until I was safely grounded.

Walking into that hospital room was the worst thing I’ve ever done. Seeing my mom in a medically induced coma hooked up to a million machines and a ventilator was terrifying. I thought I was going to faint. The doctors weren’t sure if she was going to make it. I held her hand and talked to her, I was too numb to cry and in shock. The next day, she was still critical but stable, meaning she was doing well with the life support. A few days later, her condition had continued to improve and they were able to take her off of the breathing machine. Her voice was rough and hoarse but nothing had every sounded to beautiful to me. I was so relieved that she was alive and no damage was done to her brain.The doctors explained that the long term plan was to get her strong enough to undergo another surgery…one to install a permanent pump in her heart to beat for the side that no longer functions. I guess Dick Cheney has one, she’ll wear a box on her side for the rest of her life. She can lead a somewhat normal life, but will not ever be able to be left alone or drive again. But she’s not ready for this major surgery yet. My mom is so strong and tough and has amazed the doctors so far, I know she can keep going!!

The past two weeks have been filled with many hours in the ICU, stress, exhaustion, and fear. But also of joy and hope, I know my mom and I know how capable she is of making a full recovery. It has made me realize how lucky I am to have a wonderful life filled with family and friends and love. And what’s important in life is spending time with your loved ones. Because you never know when that day will come when you can’t. I know I’m going to have plenty of more time with my mom, many more phone chats and dinners together. But I’ll cherish them so much more. And please remember to cherish the time with those you love, we all need to do that more in our lives!

Anyway, I was able to shoot some content for my site when I was in Vegas so here’s a few photos from the shoot. And here’s a photo from this week’s update…Pussy Playoffs!!


Jan 05

Welcoming the New Year!

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And just like that, it’s 2012! Crazy isn’t it? I hope everyone had great celebration or was able to spend it however you wanted to. I rang in the new year with my closest friends, we had an excellent dinner at a new restaurant and then headed back to my house for some bubbly and dessert. I made chocolate fondue and had all kinds of yummy things to dip in it…fruit, cake, marshmellows, Rice Krispy treats, even Christmas cookies! I think I was in a sugar coma well before midnight : )

So what are you’re goals for the new year? I am working on keeping up with my current workout schedule and even increasing it when possible. I really want to take myself to the next level of fitness and health. I am also focusing on doing more clean eating. I already eat fairly clean but I want to tweak my diet even more. But I’ll never give up my wine! LOL. I have really cut back on my drinking though and it’s made a huge difference in all areas of my life. Not that I was a lush or anything but even a couple of glasses of wine sets me back the next day now that I’m in my 30s. It’s fun when you cut back too because now I am much more of a light weight! Sweet! For example of cleaning up my diet: today I had plain oatmeal with soy milk and blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon, an apple in between workouts, and I made spicy black bean veggie soup for lunch. I had that with a slice of Ezekiel bread with a tsp of sunflower seed butter. For snacks later, I’ll have fruit and veggies with some fat free hummus and maybe some almonds. Dinner will be a salad, maybe with chicken, but with tons of veggies and chick peas, avocado and some fat free dressing. The salad dressing is tough, you really have to look at the ingredients and I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a dressing at Kroger that suited my needs. I found a good one at Whole Foods without any artificial ingredients or sugar. It’s best to make your own and I’ll try that sometime. So that’s a pretty good idea of how I’d like to eat but I know I won’t give up every single processed food…I like to live a little : ) Just less 100 calorie packs and more regular foods!


I’m busy getting ready for Vegas, I leave next week! Looking forward to it! Don’t miss me, Brianna Jordan and Taylor Stevens at Adultcon! for details!

I seriously can’t wait to hang with my girls! And meet you guys too!! It’s always a blast!!!


Here’s a cute candid from this week’s Mellow Yellow set…don’t I look so innocent? Hehehe : )

Lots of HOT new stuff coming to the site this year!! And be on the look out for some hot new g/g scenes with new models! You know I never disappoint!






Dec 29

The Last Post of 2011

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I can hardly believe that 2011 is almost over! I feel like it was just summer time, crazy how fast everything goes!! I have to say that 2011 was one of the best years I’ve ever had! I finally got my house, which was quite a process but now it’s a home and it was well worth all of the work and heartache. And I got Ziggy, who has stolen my heart and I already love him like I’ve had him forever, he makes me laugh every day. Such a great addition to the household! I also made some new friends which is harder to do the older that you get. I found my workout groove and started eating healthier and cleaner. I’ve cut way back on animal products and will work on doing more of that. And I’ve been able to interact with many of my fans through Streamate which has been amazing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check me out sometime on .

So what are my goals for 2012? I want to continue on my fitness journey and really see how far it can take me. I really love working out and I want to see what my body can really do, without killing myself of course. I don’t want to become obsessed with the gym but I do want to continue to challenge myself and make progress. That’s a big one for me. I also want to make better use of my time and become more organized. I am one of those people who is always working on multiple things at once and it’s hard for me to finish stuff. ADD perhaps? Not sure, LOL! I also want to work on raising more money for the Humane Society and other animal organizations.

Who wants to meet me in Vegas??? I am going to be at Adultcon from January 12-14 at the Rivera! I’ll be with Brianna Jordan and also Taylor Stevens. It’s going to be off the hook so come join us! I love to meet my fans!! We will be selling photos, DVDs, and taking topless pictures with fans! So don’t miss out!

I have so much to do before I go to Vegas! Yeouch!! So I better get cracking on that! Make sure you check out my sexy auctions from time to time, there’s always good stuff to be had!,userProfile/uid,3945

Happy New Year everyone!! Be safe and have lots of fun!! Here’s a sexy photo to leave you with, it’s this week’s update with the lovely Vanilla DeVille! XOXOXO







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