Sep 26

Zumba, Look Out!

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Happy Hump Day! Always a great day of the week for sure : ) Hope everyone has been well. Things have been pretty busy for me and on top of that, my allergies are going crazy for some odd reason. Not fun. I guess it’s the time of year or something,  not sure what’s in the air that’s making my nose run constantly but hopefully it’s done soon.

Got back from Miami a little over a week ago. I went down to shoot for three days, this time nothing got cancelled and I finished out my trip. I had a great time as I always do but it’s so nice to come back home to my happy little life in Michigan with my dogs, my man and my house. I don’t mind traveling but what makes it difficult for me is getting off of my normal eating and exercise routine. Some of you don’t realize that modeling can be physically demanding, especially if you have a shoot that goes for hours and you have to hold difficult poses. Sometimes I am able to squeeze in a workout in the morning before I get to set but that’s not usually the case. I normally workout 5-6 days per week and it bums me out when I have to miss a week. My body can definitely tell a difference that quickly, especially in the cardio department. That  first spin class back is always a killer and it’s a shitty feeling so that makes it even harder to get my foot back in the door. But I always do it and fight through until I’m back where I was.

I’ve made a decision to get my Zumba instructor license! I am really thrilled that I’m finally going to go for it, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile but with my bad knees and foot injury from  the spring, I kept putting it off. But I’m just gonna go for it! It’s a long ass day of leaning and dancing, I’ll be Zumba-ing for 8 hours before I can pass! I’ve been trying to practice quite a bit and get my cardio endurance back to where it used to be. Fitness is a constant journey and should not end until you die : ) There’s always room for growth!

In two weeks I head off to Vegas…hell yeah baby! I’m going to shoot content for my site and then chill with my girl Brianna Jordan : ) And probably going to see a show, can you believe all of the times I’ve been to Vegas I’ve never been to a show? Yeah that needs to change! So I’m busy trying to plan my wardrobe and things for the shoot, which means I get to go lingerie shopping : ) What girl doesn’t enjoy that?

I’m leaving you with some photos from this week’s photo update…Maggie Green and the Temple of Poon! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! Talk soon!




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