Apr 26

Sick of Being Sick!

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Ugh. So for the past few weeks I haven’t felt well. It’s been on and off, I have the flu and just haven’t let myself rest enough to fully recover. Sigh. Since I am leaving for my cruise next week, I am following the doctors orders and resting up. No gym for a few days and that kills me! I’ve been downing Advil to mask the body aches and working out like usual but I think I need to chill out for a few days. I’ve been way sicker in my life which is why it’s so hard for me to behave myself and get some rest but hey, I want to enjoy that cruise to it’s fullest potential! I literally rested all day yesterday except for my trip to the doctor, no photo editing, nada. TV and sleep. I feel better today but not back to normal and it’s tempting to go to the gym but I’m going to be a good girl. I just hate the feeling of being gone from the gym and then coming back and feeling the effects of missing workouts. I hate having to build everything back up. But I guess this is what they call life, you can’t plan everything. Things are going to happen and it’s more about how you bounce back after being down and out. I know for a fact that this will not be a downward spiral into becoming a couch potato. I will get back on track and be off my game for a couple of weeks but then I’ll be right where I was and continue from there. I also plan to workout on my vacation…in the past when I go somewhere I always bring my workout gear and it sits in my suitcase (except when I’m in Vegas with Brianna, she keeps me motivated! ). But this time will be different! I don’t plan on being as hardcore as I normally am but I have to get some activity in, especially after missing the gym lately.

Anyway, enough about that! Really looking forward to a proper vacation! As you guys know, I go to the lake house quite a bit in the summer but there’s always family around and to me, it’s not a real vacation. Hahaha I think you all know what I mean. So this will be nice : ) Gonna miss the dogs though! But also looking forward to sleeping in since I won’t have to be up so early to feed them. Everyone needs a break from real life once and awhile!

Haven’t been on webcam as much lately and I apologize for that. I miss it! I love interacting with my fans! But if I’m not on, there’s always tons of hot girls to have fun with! http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com

I’m going to leave you with a couple of pics from a recent site update! Love you! XOXO

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