Feb 28

A Very Full Plate

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Hi everyone! Hope things are going well for all of you so far in 2012! I can’t believe it’s practically March! It seems like it was just Christmas to me!

I’m already prepping for summer! The weather has been so mild in Michigan this winter so it’s easy to think about the warm weather since it really is right around the corner. We barely had any snow this year, but we still could get some so I don’t want to speak too soon. We got about 4-5 inches last week but it didn’t stick around. Normally I enjoy some snow during the winter but with my mom being in the hospital and having to drive there every day, it’s been nice having the roads clear. Here’s a sexy bikini shot from last week’s photo set on http://maximummaggie.com!┬áMakes you want to go swimming doesn’t it? ; )

So since summer is right around the corner, I’ve kicked it up a notch in the gym and with my eating habits. I’ve always tried to eat clean, which means eating as little of processed foods as you can, no white flour, sugar or lots of foods with preservatives and man made stuff in them. But it wasn’t until recently that I really took the plunge. Quite a bit of my diet was clean but I made some tweaks and boy, have I noticed a difference! More energy and I can eat more and still lose weight. An example of what I eat: breakfast is oatmeal with almond milk, berries and flaxseeds, snack is an apple while I am at the gym, lunch is home made veggie chili or some kind of soup with salad with oil and vinegar, snack is nuts and fruit or veggies and hummus, and dinner really varies quite a bit. Maybe tofu and veggie stir fry with quinoa or brown rice, maybe a grilled chicken salad with tons of veggies.I make sure to eat every few hours. I still have treats and things that aren’t considered clean, I refuse to be obsessive, but it’s amazing how when you eat like this you don’t want junk food. I’m loving it! I also have hardly had any alcoholic beverages. I don’t seem to want them. Which is weird for me, considering the stress I have been under. I think I am turning to fitness and the gym as my outlet for stress which is great, much healthier than things I have done in the past. I’ve managed to work out an hour or two per day, 6 days a week, sometimes 7. Only 7 if one day is yoga or something light. I don’t want to over train and get sick or injured. I’ve noticed big changes in my body, the biggest being my ass! It’s rounder and sticks out more! Yay!

I titled this entry a very full plate because that’s what I have right now. It’s overloaded! Every day I wake up and take care of my dogs, make my coffee and oatmeal and do some photo shopping or video editing before I hit the gym for my 8 or 9 o’clock class. I’m at the gym anywhere for an hour to two hours. I come home, shower and eat lunch, walk the dogs and head to the hospital. I stay there as long as my schedule will allow for that day. Then I head out and do errands, like grocery shop etc. I come home and get ready to go do webcam for a bit before I break to feed the dogs and make my own dinner. I eat, take a few minutes to chill, then go back on webcam. Depending on how much I make, I stay on or I stop early to finish more photo shopping or editing. Then I can finally go to bed. That doesn’t factor in stuff like clean, laundry, any appointments, etc. It’s been crazy. I’ve been doing ok, but it’s tough sometimes and it’s getting to me. I am so ready for a vacation! And I don’t see me being able to have one for awhile. My mom is going to need tons of help and so is my dad so I really am going to need to be available quite a bit when she comes home. We are not sure when that will be, she is hopefully moving to the rehab floor tomorrow : ) I want to thank everyone for all of the support and kind words during this difficult time. It really means a lot to me!

Those two pictures are from this week’s gallery Fuzzy Sweater : ) And next week is a sexy G/G gallery and video with the amazing Taylor Vixen! Lots of hot stuff on the way guys!

Time for me to call it a night! Sweet dreams!



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