Feb 03

Today is National Wear Red Day!!

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February is American Heart Month and today is Wear Red Day! Heart disease is the number one killer of women, many more women die from heart disease than they do of all cancers combined. The fact that my mom is fighting her own battle with heart disease right now is making me want to spread awareness and help others know the dangers. Women often have different heart attack symptoms than men so its important to pay attention to your body. To learn more, please visit http://goredforwomen.org/wearredday/

An update on my mom: Wednesday she had a major surgery, she had an LVAD pump installed in her chest. LVAD stands for Left Ventricle Assistance Device and it’s basically a pump that works for the left side of her heart which doesn’t function on it’s own due to damage from her massive heart attack. They showed it to us before the surgery and it really looks like a piece of plumbing for a kitchen sink!

The tube comes out of her body and connects to a control panel which she will wear attached to a fanny pack type thing. It’s basically a portable life support. The surgery had some complications and it lasted 11 hours. But she came out of it fine and the pump was functioning beautifully. Yesterday we learned that she was bleeding much more than expected and had been losing a lot of blood. About 20 oz per hour. Not good. They had to go back in and find the source of her bleeding which they informed us was not a sure thing that they could do. Luckily, they found it and stopped it! I swear, my mom is like a cat with nine lives or something…she keeps defying the odds and it’s quite something! Needless to say, this week has been exhausting and draining for me and my family. Actually, the past 23 days have been this way! Today I slept in and have been chilling out and trying to recover a bit. I am going to my Zumba class tonight and everyone has promised to wear red : )

The ultimate goal for my mom is a heart transplant. But we don’t know when and if that will ever happen. I am just focusing on getting her home with the LVAD, everyone who is close to her has to go through a special training course and learn how to work the controller and how to troubleshoot if something malfunctions. It’s a serious thing but I am SO glad to have her alive. She’ll be able to live a normal life with the LVAD, she can go places, travel on planes, jog, etc. She just can’t swim or drive or vacuum, haha I don’t think she’ll care about not being able to vacuum again : )

Thanks to all who have been offering support and prayers for my family. I truly love my fans and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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