Nov 16

Getting Back into the Swing of it!

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Hi guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, I know, but I was out of town for 10 days and have been trying to catch up with work that I missed while away. I still have to do all my website stuff and when I’m gone for that long, I have to play catch up. Not to mention that I was exhausted…and still kind of am. Traveling takes a lot out of me and when it’s for work, it’s pretty tough sometimes. I love shooting, I love what I do but I have to take care of myself as well!

So I had a great trip! I flew into Vegas Tuesday night and wasted no time getting to bed because Brianna Jordan and I had a shoot the next day. We booked a nice suite at the Palms to shoot in and got tons of hot content!

Our shoots always last for about 12 hours so we were pretty beat when we were done. Then the next day, we started Adultcon : ) It was held at the Mirage this time which was nice and the turn out was excellent. We met tons of fans, took photos, signed autographs, sold merchandise and goofed around as always. Brianna and I always have a great time no matter what the hell we are doing..even when she took me to her spin class. Now I see why this chick is in such killer shape : ) I was glad to work out a few times while I was away as sometimes when I travel I don’t get much of a chance to. Here’s some fun Adultcon pics:

Like my cute little football pasties?

After the show ended, I had a day off and I truly needed it. We worked out in the morning, I took a nap, we went shopping and then out to dinner. Nothing too exciting or Vegasy but we were too tired to do much. And then the next day, we had another shoot. I did lots of solo sets and Brianna and I were sexy referees together. Pretty tiring and then I had to hop on a plane to LA!

I didn’t get in to my hotel room until almost 1AM and I had to shoot the next day..luckily call time was noon but I had to do my own hair and make up so I couldn’t really sleep in. The shoot was for Cherry Pimps and it was some solo sets and then I did a live feature show on Streamate. Great people to work with, very relaxed and easy…my style for sure. Speaking of Streamate, I am still live on there almost every day so make sure to come visit me at¬†! I promise you won’t be sorry! ¬†Anyways, long story short, I ended my trip a couple of days early due to a cancellation and some other circumstances. I was more than ecstatic to come home, I missed my house and the dogs so much!! It’s very hard for me to be away for so long, I enjoy travel but when it’s that much work and I don’t get a lot of down time, it’s rather exhausting.

Now I’m trying to get back into my routine of website work, working out, cooking, cleaning and of course webcam time. It’s always tough for me to get back into the groove. But I don’t have any plans to go anywhere until January so I’m able to do my thing.

Ok, enough for now! This week’s updates are a g/g/g/g sexy pillow fight with myself, Brianna, Aria and Kelly Divine! It’s amazing, don’t miss it!



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