Aug 24

End of the Summer

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Summer is coming to an end, I can feel it in the air. We’ve had SUCH a hot summer that it’s nice to have 80 degree weather for a change. I love this time of year, I don’t know why because it does remind me of going back to school which is not such a pleasant memory. I love the sound of the crickets and everything just seems quieter somehow. I do love fall, it’s my fave…but I don’t want to think about winter yet!

Next week I’m going back up to the lake for the last time this summer. I hope to go up in October again to see the beautiful fall colors but the boating season will have passed so I am hoping for one really nice last summer weekend. I already told Phyllis she’s going and I can tell she’s excited : )

Been working out a lot…I finally got my XBox Kinect and I got the Zumba game for it! For those who don’t follow me on twitter….and why the hell don’t you?…I am a huge Zumba fan and go to classes 2-3 times per week at my gym. It’s a really fun workout and my instructors make it high cardio so you really torch some calories. The game is fun but not as high cardio so I find myself sometimes doing my own moves…but then I don’t score as many points. But the point of it is to get a good workout at home in addition to everything else that I do so the points and scores can go to hell : ) LOL …I normally hate video games but I have to admit the Kinect is very cool…I also got a sports game and it’s fun as well. I did really good at boxing : )

I am still going strong with eating a lot vegetarian foods. I find that I prefer them anyways over meat. I discovered that meat and cheese is usually just a vehicle for something like sauce or condiments…for example when I eat pizza it’s really the sauce, crust and veggies that I like. Same with turkey meatballs..I like the marinara and the pasta best and a lot of times I got used to eating meat because like so many Americans, I got hung up on thinking that I needed an ass load of protein. The average American already gets 4 times as much protein per day than necessary…I didn’t know this until I started doing all this reading and research. I used to have animal products with most meals, whether it was eggs, cheese, yogurt, chicken, I thought my body needed it because that’s what I was taught. Actually, your body doesn’t need animal products at all. And mine feels a lot better when I am not eating them. It’s amazing to go a week without and then have dairy again…your body doesn’t react too kindly! I am still eating some chicken but it does not come from factory farms and I will not eat it at restaurants anymore due to the fact that it comes from gross places. Enough with my rambling! But you guys ask me about it so I guess I can elaborate a little bit : )

I am making plans to go to Vegas in November! Adultcon will be Nov. 3-5 and I’ll be there with my bestie Brianna Jordan again….woot woot! We are also going to shoot while I am there..hells yeah!

Alright peeps, enjoy the week! I’m out!

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