Jul 15

Changing my Life

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I love my country. I think the United States is an amazing place to live and that I am blessed to have been born and raised here. We enjoy many liberties that others simply do not have and sometimes we lose sight of that. However, there are lots of things about this country that I do not like, things that I even hate. One of those things is the food industry. Seems like every few months there’s something new that they tell us…don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbs, red meat is bad, fat is good now, carbs are ok in moderation, organic this and that…I could go on and on. What many people fail to realize is that the food industry is a BIG business and they’ll tell us anything to sell products. More and more food labels pop with claiming ” All Natural” or ” Good Source of Fiber”…what exactly does this mean? If it’s all natural then it must ┬ábe good for you, right? Ha! It’s like they try and dupe us over and over and it makes me sick!

I’ve been fed up with the food industry for years now, reading books such as In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan and trying to make food choices that are less processed and better for me. Years ago, I stopped eating beef and pork because I couldn’t stomach eating a cow or a pig. So my meat has consisted of fish, seafood and poultry. In recent years, I learned some horrifying things about chicken farms and decided only to buy chicken from health food stores that comes from Amish farms. It’s much more expensive but the chickens are treated more humanely and the meat doesn’t contain any fillers or additives. It always creeped me out when I would see chicken breasts that say “contains up to a 15% sodium solution” or something of that nature. ┬áJust do a little research and you’ll see what can go into that solution and it’s nasty.I don’t want to eat that shit! In the last year, I switched over to soy milk because I just had a feeling that I wouldn’t like what I had to read about the dairy process and I started wondering why as humans are we told that we need food meant for a calf. Weird. In the last few months, eggs and egg substitutes have also been giving me the willies and for reasons that I can’t explain, but I just didn’t want to eat them anymore.

Last week, something happened that I think will change my life. I’m not sure what I was looking up online but somehow I began researching the farming process and my discoveries were 20 times more horrifying than I ever imagined them to be. I knew chickens were mistreated, living in tiny cages stacked on top of one another, pooping all over themselves and the birds below them. I knew that they didn’t even have the room to open their wings and that these chickens were so genetically modified that they could never survive on their own. That’s basically why I stopped eating chicken from factory farms. But I didn’t know that they cut off their beaks, without any kind of pain killers, and it gets even worse than that. I don’t want to go into too many details but I also discovered that the dairy industry is no better. Cows are also kept in quarters way too small for them and when they give birth, the calves are immediately torn away from their mothers so they don’t drink the precious milk that we humans must have. This is apparently very traumatic for both the mother and the baby…can you imagine…and if the calf is a male, it’s dragged off to a dark crate and turned into veal and the female calves become over worked dairy cows like their mothers. Cows can live up to 25 years but after 5-6 years they kill dairy cows b/c they no longer can produce the milk that they used to. And they are not killed nicely either : ( I could go on and on but it’s too graphic for my blog, just google it for yourself and you’ll be horrified at how these cruel and unhealthy practices are common place and a part of farming in our country today. I spent about a half hour bawling my eyes out after doing some reading, it didn’t take much to make feel sick to my stomach.

I am not necessarily against eating animal meat or dairy. Humans are omnivores which means we can eat both plants and animals. But we’re not meant to eat animals that are pumped full of antibiotic and hormones, abused and slaughtered horrifically, and never see the light of day. That’s not what nature intended. Just like we’re not meant to exist on McDonalds, pizza and frozen dinners. It’s disgusting. So much of what we eat isn’t food, it’s food products.

So now that I know what I know, what’s my next step? The past few days 90% of my food has been vegetarian, some even vegan…which means no animals products at all. I still plan on eating my chicken from the Amish farms but even less than I do now. I don’t think I’ll be eating any more chicken at restaurants and lunchmeat or any kind. I already love veggies, whole grains and fruits so I have no problem adding even more to my diet. I am struggling with what to do about cheese, I am going to try some of the soy cheeses but I also plan to only buy cheese and yogurt from more humane farms, which I’ve been researching. I know I’m going to feel sooo much healthier and also much better about what I’m eating.

I wish this stuff was more widely known about but the food industry does not want to expose their dirty laundry. Why would they?

I’ll keep you updated on my journey and how I do with this new food mentality!

Here’s photo of me and Aria to lighten the mood!!!



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