Jun 15

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Fun!

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I had a busy week! Not only am I always editing videos and photos for my site, I am now webcamming quite a bit on Streamate…which I really enjoy! So I was doing all of that plus getting my house ready for my official house warming party. The yard needed work, I had to clean and go to the store and buy everything that I needed for food and beverages. Plus I had out of town company coming to stay so I had to entertain them as well.

It was supposed to rain the day of the party but it only sprinkled for about 5 minutes! I was really pleased b/c the party was mainly outside as it was a BBQ. I also invited friends to bring their dogs over since now my yard is fenced in so there were 5 dogs running rampant and playing all over the place…that wouldn’t have been a very good idea to do inside! It wasn’t a huge party but everyone seemed to have a good time and once thing were winding down, there were about 10 people left that I knew would stick around until wee hours of the morning. We proceeded to drink all kinds of beverages…wine, beer, vodka punch, spiked lemonade, and chocolate liquor. I’m not quite sure what happened but before I knew it, I decided it was a good idea to show everyone how I used to be able to do perfect headstands. I got up there fine but then I fell over and crashed into the couch, doing some sort of weird back bend that was not planned. It hurt and I knew it was only going to hurt worse when I sobered up. I was right..the next day was quite painful. I guess I strained my tailbone and lower back. I’ve been taking it easy but today I thought I was ready to do some light cardio so I went on the elliptical trainer at the gym. I thought everything was fine but after abut 15 minutes, I started having really bad back spasms and side spasms. I pushed through for about 5 more minutes and then had to call it quits. Damn it. Now I’m at home with a heating pad and half a muscle relaxer in my system so we’ll see how that feels. The moral of the story…my headstand days were a thing of the past and they need to stay there!

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