Mar 03

Spring Fever

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Hey there, how’s it going? Hope you all had a de cent week! Mine was pretty busy, I’ve been working on some things for the website and I started volunteering at the Humane Society. As you all know, I am a huge animal lover and am very excited to be helping out my four legged friends. I got to walk dogs, play with cats and do some cleaning. I am definitely going to do this on a regular basis. I also have decided that I want a ferret and a pot bellied pig…but I think my dog would eat them so I guess I can’t do that : ( But I am considering getting another dog, Phyllis would love a playmate but I am going to take my time and make sure I find just the right buddy for her!

Spring is right around the corner! I am so ready for it because after spring comes summer…woo hoo! Since I’m in the spring mood, I bought a pretty yellow bra and panty set and here are some pics of me showing it off! And isn’t spring mating season?! LOL : )

I’ve been also reminiscing about Spring Break…ah, those were the good ol’ days! My senior year of high school, when I was 17, my friends and I talked our parents into letting us go to Cancun for a week…all by ourselves. There was lots of drinking and wild nights and one evening, we took a booze cruise to a little island set up where we had dinner and drinks. They had a big stage with a DJ and a bunch of contests. My friends talked me into doing a wet T-shirt contest, I was SO nervous that I had two DOUBLE shots of cheap tequila before it was my turn to go on. The crowd started chanting, ” Take it off, take it off!”, and who I was I to let down 1,000+ spring breakers so off came the wet shirt! I ended up winning and thought that would be that but for the next few days, I was like a celebrity in Cancun…I had guys buying me flowers on the street and giving me standing ovations when we went into bars! I guess that may have been the beginning to all of this…but I didn’t know it then!

Talk to ya soon!

Big hugs and kisses,


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