Dec 15

Florida and Tonsillitis

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So last week I mentioned how I was going to Florida and was hoping to get some rest. Well, I wouldn’t call it rest. It was mostly a trip of frustration. To start things off, once we headed down to our gate to wait to board the plane, the flight was delayed 4 hours. They waited the 4 hours and then cancelled the flight. It had nothing to do with weather, the plane broke and I guess there wasn’t anything they could do. To make a very long story short, we were stuck in the airport for 10 hours before we were able to get a flight out. I was exhausted and slept in but then I had to spend 2 hours at Kinkos faxing papers back and forth regarding the house. Had a family dinner that was just a bunch of tension and heavy food. Not amusing.

Saturday, I did a photo shoot for a new website, it’s not even up yet. I did a bunch of solo scenes and some g/g scenes with Megan Jones. I was happy because I’ve worked with her before and she’s a sweetie, not to mention a hottie : ) The shoot was great, we even finished early! I left to go meet some friends for dinner, a handful of friends that I grew up with live in South Florida now so it was great to catch up with some of them and have some cocktails.

What happened after that…I don’t remember too well!! All I know is we ended up at the strip club, big shocker there, and I almost got kicked out. Who knows why. I don’t even want to know. I literally spent the entire next day in bed with a vicious hangover. I have to say it was the worst one ever..and I’ve had lots! Ugh. So that was my last day there and it was ruined.

On the way home, the flight was delayed again, but only for 2 hours this time so it was so bad. Plus we knew about it before we arrived at the airport. Sometime during all of this, I managed to come down with tonsillitis and an ear infection. I have huge white bumps all over my throat and my lymph nodes are nice and swollen. So I’m taking it easy, I have holiday things to do this weekend so I have to be germ free by then!

Better get back to bed but here’s a photo of Megan and I. Behind the scenes and candid pics coming soon to the site! XOXOXO

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